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Underpin - to support, justify, or form the basis for.

Underpin is a PHP-based library that helps facilitate modern PHP practices in PHP applications. Currently, it is designed primarily to make it easier to work with WordPress in a modern PHP context.

The goal of Underpin is to provide utilities and patterns that makes building PHP projects easier. It provides support for useful utilities that plugins need as they mature, such as a solid error logging utility, a batch processor for upgrade routines, and a decision tree class that makes extending and debugging multi-layered decisions way easier than traditional WordPress hooks.

Some key features include:

  1. A series of helper classes to make string and array manipulation easier
  2. An established object caching pattern that can be extended to work with any platform
  3. An extendable PHP logging utility
  4. A loader mechanism to load features and additional components
  5. Supports PHP dependency injection patterns
  6. Powerful array filtering and querying APIs
  7. Support for event-based architecture, scoped to individual objects.
  8. Support for middleware-based patterns